Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Letter for Your 3rd Birthday, Keisha, 14.11.2011

Dearest my love Keisha,

Happy 3rd Birthday Aurelia Keisha Rahman…

You are getting so big now! (infact you always insist that you are a big girl J)  
Mommy and Daddy were amaze how you grew so fast. This last 3 years was a wonderful moment for us. I am so grateful that God has sent you to us.
I still can remember how I loved your innocent eyes was staring at me, when I was breastfeeding you. That was a beautiful moment for me and I would never forget it.
Words cannot describe the great joy and happiness you have brought into our life. I want you to know that we love you so much and we’re trying our hardest to do to give you the best. Even sometimes I was angry to you and many times scolded you, but after that I always felt guilty and regretted it cause it always left a hole in my heart.

Dear Keisha,

Here’s a little more about you at three…
You are so funny, you even make jokes or a funny faces and keep us laughing. You have a good personality and easy to deal with other people. You like  to eat chocolate so much, but you always brush your teeth, so I’m not afraid your chocolateaddict will harm your teeth.

You are affectionate and constantly amaze me by the things you do and say sometimes. You always wanted to have a long hair like Rapunzel, but with your curly hair, I think you need more times until you get a long hair.. J
You loveee princess so much! You wanna dress like princess everyday and you even requested princess for your birthday cake.

You like to read a book, and sometimes when you play alone at home, you read a story to your dolls. ( I know that from the report of Mba Atin). That’s why maybe you hardly stop talking when we’re at home, cause you need someone listen and talk to you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be a full time mommy for you. I work, so we can give you a better education, a better future for us (and so many reasons behind which I will tell you later-its gonna be a long discussion, dear) but for sure you always be on my top priority.

You are the biggest blessing in my life. Thank you for your smile, your laugh, and for our lovely moments. Thank you for your cry, fussiness, I learn a lot from that. I wish I could always besides you to hug and hold your hand.I wish you could be a happy person and spread your smile to others

Thank you God for giving me a chance to be a mother of a beautiful lovely daughter like you.. We are so lucky to have you.  We love you always whatever the way you are.

*Tulisan ini sebenarnya udah mengendap lama di MS Word, Cuma baru sempet diposting sekarang. It doesn’t mean that you’re not my priority, instead everything I do, I act, I'll always consider you first.*

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