Friday, December 02, 2011

Last night arty crafty...

Last night after we played the princess puzzle (a lovely birthday gift from Endah), we were busy doing this :

I printed out from this link. It's a good website, its provide so many printable activities and craft ideas to play at home with your child. 
I cut out the shape pattern and Keisha worked with the glue (she loves it).  " Its an apple tree! " - Keisha said.

And then coloring ;

ehm... it's a yummy ice cream, isn't it?

After that she ended up by drawing ......

Keisha said it was a fish.. and Papa fish. They were chased by the shark (the orange one). They swam fast cause the shark will bite them. hihihihi... I loveeed  the way she telling me her story!

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