Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arty Crafty : Imagination with Shapes

Its been quite long time since we didn't do some arty crafty. So, while last sunday we have some free time, I was thinking to do a simple activity with keisha. And so were we :

What you need :
1. Coloured paper
2. One large white paper. (Since i dont have white large paper, we used light green textured paper)
3. Scissor
4. Glue
5. Pencil/Pen

At first, I told keisha, that we're gonna make some shapes. I showed her how i made diamond shape on one of coloured paper. Then she felt excited too and asked me to do on herself. (She learned already from school). So,  I let Keisha drew some shapes like triangle, heart (I helped a bit with this shape), rectangle, square, and circle. Btw, she choosed herself what coloured paper she used.

drew the outlines
Meanwhile, I helped by cutting out the shapes.

Then, create new shapes using different shapes cut-outs.

Some idea you can create :
- a house, using square and triangle.
- a car, using two circle and square

and many more.... just let your kids playing with their imagination and they will have thousands!

Keisha was busy with glue and cut-out shapes.

This was what Keisha created. Tadaaa!!!

Some trees, two blue rabbits, flying bird, heart clouds. hehehe... Not so a common thing, however i found its interesting to know how far your child's imagination.


  1. aaahh, Kei kreatip banget *jempol*

  2. Makasih Mas Rafa! :D