Monday, February 24, 2014

Why are you fighting?

K : mom why are you two fighting?
M : we were not fighting keisha, we were just arguing.
K : why you have to argue?
M : cos i want something to do this way but daddy has his own way to do.
K : but you and daddy are married right? If someone marry you, you have to love and kiss. Not to fight.
M : jleb! True. But arguing doesnt mean you dont love that person. 
K : so you still love daddy? And dad still love you?
M : of course keisha, we still love each other. 


  1. Klo debat gt depan anak pasti anak mikirnya kita berantem yak.. Mestinya kita pas berdebat pelan2 kali yah *itu mah bukan debat hahahahaha*

  2. if you marry, you will argue *errr dan keisha pun bengong kalo dijawab begini*

  3. yeye: iya padahal kan emang kitanya aja yg semua diperdebatkan biar seru. :D

    novi : haha..bener banget nov