Thursday, November 20, 2014

Late Post : Birthday Wish

I should post this on Nov 14th 2014, exactly the born day of our first beloved daughter. At that time Keisha had been sick for 5 days. Our plan first was supposed to go to a nice place to celebrate her birthday, but she was to weak even for walk. So the only place we go was to the doctor clinic for the 3rd time in that week.

Nevertheless, we still had a small birthday celebration at home with a frozen cake and most wanted Anna and Elsa dolls for her birthday presents. She gave us weak smile while she opened her presents. Poor baby :(.. my heart cracked whenever my kids got sick.

To The Girl Who Gave Us Rainbow Life,
Happy birthday our sweetie cupcake.
This maybe not your best birthday,
 cos of that blocked nose and high fever.
But still is a special day for us.
Get well soon and stay happy.
May God always protect you, may good things come to  you.
We love you as far as the stars above you, as big as universe.
-mom, dad, alea-

(Last picture was taken by her Kindergarten teacher. She was still sick (39 degree) and supposed to stay at home, but it was farewell party at her school and she insisted to go there just to sent the goodies bag for her friends and wore "elsa's dress". Her teacher allow her to join the party, in fact she assured us to let her join the party and promised to watched her and gave us a call if anything happened. Well, she stayed there until the party over, felt happier and the fever went down.. for a while... after that got high again.  But at least she was so happy in the party. )


  1. happy birthday keisha!

  2. Happy belated birthday Keisha! Deketan ih sama tante novi ultahnya

  3. walau telat tetep mau ngucapin HBD keisha..... salam kenal ya ^_^

  4. kunjungan perdana, salam perkenalan ya ^_^

  5. selamat ulta keisha..semoga jadi anak yg berbakti sama orang tua.. amin.. ^_^

  6. Yang penting selalu berbahagia

  7. Selamat ulang tahun ya.. semoga panjang umur sehat selalu dan semua doa doa nya tercapai..