Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Volunteer Duty - 31 July 2018

Today is my first time I gave an extra math lesson for some Primary 1 students in Keisha's school. No, is not like real teacher, but it's kind of booster lessons in a small group for needed students.
Well if you are a member of the parent support group in your children school, you volunteered something like this.

Two years ago I did same things but for P6 students. Which is more challenging. I quit after a few months cause I didn't want to ruin their future. But I guess I can help for P1 math, you only need them to count until 40. Besides is only an hour and most of the time I have no particular things to do on Tuesday afternoon while Keisha and Alea at school.  

I have 3 little cute students in my group. I can't help wondering that the next two year Alea will wear the same uniform. One cute girl with chubby cheeks, I have to resist myself from squeeze her cheeks. Anyway she can do addition and subtraction very fast and was the first finished the paperwork. The other girl is too shy and keep silent until I ask her problem. She's quite good actually only too shy, I have to sit closer to her, so I can hear what she say. The only boy in my group is the slowest but I'm sure he will get better. 

Meanwhile I checked the progress of our house renovation and found some fault has done by the electrician. They put the single socket for our bedside table so high. I took a pic and sent to our ID. Hope they can fix it.